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Welcome to AppleSeed Insurance Advisory Services

AppleSeed Insurance Advisory Services (ASIAS) is an independent personal insurance advisory services company with an initial location in Philippi East and serving the adult population of the City of Cape Town and its neighboring towns with mainly insurance advice, a variety of policy types, and selection from any insurance provider available on the market. Co-founders Josiah Lindie and Vincent Mbinda will launch the business, two newly licensed insurance advisory agents. The business began as a home-based business with the two founders as the only employees, and continues to grow through the establishment of a local office and the addition of associate agents to better serve the community. Their track record as clients’ services consultants positions them well for success in the insurance business.

AppleSeed Insurance Advisory Services is a profitable business, which provides salaries and dividends for its founders. Salary to its founders plus profits will increase moderately but steadily. The business was launched without external investment or loans, relying only on its founders’ savings and personal borrowings, however outsourced funding can be of great use and advantageous to the growth and development of the business. To finance expansion to an office, AppleSeed Insurance Advisory Services might required a long-term loan taken out in its second year of operation.


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Contact:Josiah Tom
Address:309 Acasia Street
Philippi East
Cape Town
South Africa

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