WELCOME to Asenkosini-Properties

Welcome to Asenkosini Properties

Asenkosini Properties predominantly aims to bring together buyers and sellers with the focus on building a long-term relationship between both stakeholders and facilitate the sale of the property on a rent-to-own basis.

We understand that a lot of people are struggling to get a bond due to bad credit ratings, also properties under chieftaincy (without title-deed) mostly not approved for a bond, therefore without this purchasing a home the traditional way may not be an option. So Asenkosini Properties brings in an alternative via the rent-to-own agreement.

Contact us for further information - we can help you. Call me on 060 374 8242 or 

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Contact:Lindani Mthembu
Address:420, Suite 2
Smith Street
South Africa
Web page:asenkosiniproperties

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