Welcome to a place where all your building needs are met under one roof....

BIG IT UP construction is a newly formed company that is dedicated to meeting all your home building needs, from house plans to building you that beautiful home, we also do plumbing and electrical wiring, we paint and do flooring. All your building needs are really met under one roof. We provide our services to Brits and all surrounding areas. We are dedicated to offering affordable building services to our communities, our mission is to help realise peoples dreams. We employ a dedicated and professional team of builders and contructors to ensure that the work is carried out timelesly all our prices are negotiable with payment arrangements available. We usually do not require a deposit prior to commencement of the work however this varies from project to project and in unusual cases may be required. If you are not happy with our work we will gladly redo the work with no extra cost to you.


Contact details for BIG-IT-UP-CONSTRUCTIONS

Contact:Motlalepule Ntsakise
Address:D109, Slovo Section
South Africa

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