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Durban Bee Rangers are hobbyists involved in helping to safeguard bees and ensuring that the balance between human and bee interaction is kept as friendly as possible. 

We love bees and strive to keep the happy medium aiming to avoid harm to people and bees alike.

We assist people with the movement of hives, the relocatation of bees from locations where they are not wanted in and around homes! Come to think of it ... you might find us up trees, or digging holes, or working in your pool pumps, or patching up boats (for one way escapes to remove happy bees), or even in / under your roof, come to think of it we may even be found removing bees from kids toys - to save bees.  Be sure to check out our gallery for some intersting pictures of bee locations ;-)

If you have a problem with bees - please don't hesitate to call us and we will gladly assist.


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Contact:Bee Ranger
Address:P.O.Box 1733
Umhlanga Rocks
South Africa

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