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The Centre of Science and Reason is a South African initiative started in an effort to provide information to those seeking an alternative to organised relgion, those seeking support in living a secular life and those seeking answers that are simply not provided by religion.

The centre aims to inform, educate and disseminate knowlege in the areas of science, evolution, religion, history and all things related. It aims to make this information freely accessable to the man in the street.

We aim to sell and producer literature pertaining to these important subjects for everyone. It is also our intention to simplify complex issues so that they are easily understood by everyone. Literature will also be produced and sold targetting young kids, giving them access to a naturalistic world view from a young age.

"There is life beyond religion, and life abundant"



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Your religion is not something that YOU chose. It was chosen for you, probably at birth by your parents. You may love them dearly... but what if mom and dad were wrong? ... Afterall, they were merely following what their parents taught them too. Life is too short ... make your own choices!


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Contact:Earl Conning
Address:Aukland Park

South Africa
Web page:centreforscienceandreason

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