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Clifton Neighbourhood Watch, Macassar.

From the community, For the community


To make our communities free from crime and safe to live, work and play.


Typically Neighbourhood Watchers are a group of people from an Area, Estate or Street who have come together in the interests of protecting their neighbourhood from crime.

We at Clifton Neighbourhood Watch want to serve as the ‘eyes & ears’ of the community, thereby helping to safeguard the community against criminal activities and to strive for a safe and secure environment for all to live, work and play.

Specifically, we aim to:

Nurture a sense of unity, dedication and good neighbourly relations among the residents of the area

Serve as a watchdog for our community and the local police services, thereby assisting the police against criminal activities and striving for a safe and secure environment

Provide an avenue through which local communities can play a meaningful role in crime prevention.

We want to work together to help keep the area safe. We also want to assist Metro Police, Law Enforcement and SAPS in the fight against crime.

We have over 20 public spirited people who volunteer to patrol our streets at any time and in any weather, just to help ensure the safety of all. Not everyone can patrol but everyone can be vigilant and take some basic precautions to stop themselves from becoming a victim.

For further information or if you would like to join CNHW, please email the Secretary of the Neighbourhood Watch (Anneline Hartzenberg) at

It's free to join; just let us know what street you live in.

Coming Soon!


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Contact:Anthony Tobias
Address:Clifton Street
Western Cape
South Africa

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