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DP Trading is an innovative trading company that brings commodities from around the globe at your feet.

We pride ourselves with exceptional customer service and fair pricing. Anything from Apparel to Consumer Electronics is handled by DP Trading. We have suppliers that are globally recognized and only the best are shorlisted to be on our books.

Logisitics has been optimised to provide quick turnaround times and solutions that fit your budget can also be negotiated. We are currently extensively involved in the supply of 12V electric ride on cars for children. These toys can be used from 1 to 5 years of age. DP Trading has engaged with the correct suppliers and logistics companies to provide these cars at half the local price. Our core mission and values drives us to provide consumers with products that are not easily attainable locally. Our presence in the trading space has revolutionised the need for variety, product differentiation and low cost. These 3 pillars are the cornerstone on which DP Trading is built.


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We supply 12V Audi Electric Cars, 12V Mercedes SLK Electric Cars, 12 V BMW electric cars.

Audi - R3000 delivered in JHB and DBN

Mercedes - R3500 delivered in JHB and DBN.

BMW - R3500 delivered in JHB and DBN


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Contact:Desan Moodley
Address:15 Marshall Road

South Africa
Web page:dptrading.co.za

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