WELCOME to Dressing-it-Up

Welcome to Dressing It Up

At Dressing it Up we will be featuring and selling locally crafted and self-made jewellery and accessories for those craving crafts.  Our products include wooden bead necklaces, bracelets, yarn accessories and many more.

As a stay at home mother, I needed something to, apart from keeping myself busy, and stimulating my children, also earn a small extra income.  Having an artistic and crafty streak running through my veins, I decided to start a hobby in craft making.  Being able to be creative is not only allowing me to be productive and to earn an income, it also allows me to do something I love while generating an income.

Not everyone can afford extravagant and expensive purchases of crystal and gold encrusted pieces of jewellery, or designer decor selling at unaffordable prices.  Luckily, a new fashion trend is to reuse and recycle, or as I like to call it, Up-cycle.  Our philosophy is to reuse discarded objects or material in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original.  These items are combined with manufactured products to create something unusual and unique.  We use products that may seem ordinary and that have no relevance to fashion or beauty.  Waste products are a problem everywhere we turn.  The need to find alternative ways to deal with waste has never been bigger.  When I launched my idea, I received an overwhelming positive response.  Apart from creating pieces of art, I also started training other women in producing something new from something old.  All you need is your own creativity to produce something out of the ordinary.  Thinking outside of the box is what we do. 

Apart from using day to day items, we also aim to collect unwanted, broken or damaged jewellery.  Many of my friends and family have half sets of these and broken pieces of that, which they generously donated for my projects.  If I am not able to restore, I reuse.  Many of the vintage items are from donations from old age homes and granny’s who cleaned out their closets.

My aim is to deliver a product that you will not find on the shelves anywhere else.  Maybe in the same trend, but each object is one of its kind in colour, shape and form.

As we expand, I hope to have homes filled with not only our lovingly created decor and jewellery, but also with an awareness of the environment, and being resourceful and going green!

Visit our site daily for new products!

Enjoy the discovery ...

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Address:PO Box 179

South Africa
Mobile:079 228 9545
Fax:086 667 3398

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