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We produce and deliver green energy products and services that people around the world need. We are preparing to become the biggest Bio-Diesel producer in South Africa as we are currently working on a project to have the biggest plants in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Bloemfontein and Durban. We are about converting old tyres and waste plastic into diesel supplying our   clients who are now on our database wanting to be supplied with diesel. 


We are proud to be a new, innovative and fresh concept in South Africa with a product that is very new in the market which we plan to bulk distribute to our   clients wanting to be supplied with Bio-Diesel. 


In South Africa, there are millions of tons of plastic waste and tyres that are created each month, with our partnering suppliers ranging from: 

-Municipalities (Municipal Plastic Waste) 

-Industrial Plastic Waste 

-Agricultural Plastic Waste 


Our production and business model will create Jobs, Distribution Opportunities & Transportation Opportunities with our new, innovative and fresh product in South Africa and other African countries. 


Our diesel production plant will be able to produce thousands of litres of diesel daily which is required by our clients. 

Our aim is to also expand into Africa, opening a plant in Zambia, Namibia, Nigeria, Botswana and Mozambique but through our logistics contractors we will first transport to these African countries. We are also into local and international property investment and logistics with our sister companies. We also seek to eventually own all our DEPOT distributions across South Africa .

  • It costs less than regular diesel – IT IS 30% CHEAPER yet lasts longer! 
  • It last 20% LONGER in the engine than standard diesel and CLEANER
  • It contains no or little sulphur 
  • It has a higher Cetane (60 Cetane) rating that improves the efficiency of compression ignition than normal diesel making it a much better quality than normal diesel you get from the pump currently 
  • NO engine modifications are necessary to use biodiesel on any diesel engine 
  • It is non-flammable, non-hazardous, non-toxic & environmentally friendly 
  • It has a flash point greater than 120°C while fossil diesel is approx. 70°C 
  • Users can switch between biodiesel and regular diesel as they wish 
  • It has superior cleaning properties over all other regular diesel 
  • It provides much better engine lubrication than regular diesel 
  • It produces 75% less exhaust smoke emissions 
  • It produces 80% less carbon dioxide emissions 
  • It extends engine life by up to 200% 
  • It mixes very well with regular diesel 
  • It is safe to store and handle 
  • It is a renewable fuel 


Contact details for E-BIODIESEL

Contact:Unati Tutani
Address:43268 Phase 3
South Africa
East London
South Africa
Web page:ebiodiesel.co.za

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