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EZtranscribe offers online transcription that is fast, seamless and easy to use. We offers a simple process that allows you send and receive your transcript easily. Our transcription service is affordable, has speedy turnaround time and delivers quality-checked transcripts. The reason people outsource transcription is to save time and to focus on other aspects of data processing.We have a number of transcribers waiting to receive your transcript. EZtranscribe is a first come - first serve system, that queues your files for processing the moment we receive it. you say go. Prices and collection dates are provided up-front to assist in organising and planing ahead. Speech to text technology is smart, but people make it smarter. We offer a multilinguistic service that not only transcribes but also translates between English, Afrikans and Xhosa. EZtranscribe implements an additional quality control step to ensure that all transcripts are accurate and formatting consistent.

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Contact:Nicole van der Merwe
Address:UCT FHS, Anzio Road, Observatory

Cape Town
South Africa

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