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A baby is a precious gift...

to cherish, nurture, celebrate and care for.

To treasure, to protect,

To tend, to hold dear and to value.

Knitting knowledge has traditionally been passed on from one generation to another.

There will always be people who can teach and people who want to learn....

Long ago, when I was 10 years old, I observed closely my grandmother knitting. It seemed for me nothing but magic! I fell in love with knitting. It was love at first sight!

Since that moment I decided that I had to learn how to do it myself. Luckily for me, my

grandmother agreed to teach me. She provided me with my first own pair of needles and tiny ball of wool (about a walnut size). I don't remember how long it took me to understand the process, but at the end of the day I proudly show my parents 10 stitches I had cast on by myself. The funny part was that I was moving these stitches back and and forth from left needle to right one. I didn't grasp how to pull the yarn throught the stitch to produce another one, and honestly believed that I was knitting and that the result would appear soon. When my father said that there are something wrong with my knitting because nothing changed for half an hour or so, and he actually only proved my suspicions. But I didn't want to agree with him, I tried a few more times, and then bitterly put my work away after he had left the room.

I didn't give up! Shortly after my first attempt to knit, my grandmother decided she would teach me how to knit. A few weeks later, when I saw my grandmoter knitting for real some competitive sparks developed in me. I was quietly watching her knitting a scarf, after a I didn't give up! Shortly after my first attempt to knit, my grandmother decided she would teach me how to knit.

But my happiness didn't last for long, it was gone as when the last inch of the yarn from that tiny ball that my grandmother gave me. I has serious challenge as there was no way my mom would want to buy yarn for a 10 year old kid. After asking my mom about buying yarn a few times I understood that if I ever got yarn it won't be in the nearest future. As most kids I did believe in magic, and I wished that someday a fairy will come and bring me a HUGE bag of hanks and balls. Meanwhile I wa using that tiny ball over and over to keep remebering what I had learnt.

A few years later, not the fairy, but my aunt came to visit us and she brought with her a lot of yarns. She realized that I was passionate about knitting and decided to assist me with

knitting and share her wisdom with me. She taught me how to knit hats, socks, sweaters...

In this way I learned many different stitch designs and techniques. She taught me how to design my own things and make my own patterns.

Thanks to all this knowledge I got from my grandmother and aunt, all clothes always looked unique, this encouraged me even more.

With each piece my skills improved, and soon I was enjoying making knitted gifts not only for members of my family, but for my friends too.



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