One of the best reasons for choosing gel nails, is they don't do any damage to your natural nails. The hard layer of gel protects your own nails. while wearing gel nails, your natural nail is still able to grow. With protection on them, they are able to become stronger and more beautiful, lasting longer than they would on their own. Gel nails are soaked off, and you will be delighted to see your natural nails looking healthier and longer than they were when you first had them covered up.Gel nail polish is an amazing thing and it is really popular these days for alot of great reasons/ Gel nail polish will last a lot longer than a regular manicure and it is also alot less damaging to do this sort of manicure than to do any sort of acrylic manicure. If you ever had a gel manicure done at a salon, then you probably fell in love with it for all these reasons. I work from home in the evenings as well as weekends.



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South Africa

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