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\"\"We can assist you with a debt consolidation loan utilising the excess equity in your bond.

As long as the properly has a LTV (Loan to Value) we will fund it, the price may be lower that is being asked for on a purchase. Never let an Estate Agent push the price up, they are commission motivated which tends to give them a confident arrogance.



How we make things possible      

For too long too many people who are paying rentals and have the affordability of regular and consistent payments have been denied home ownership due to a credit rating issue Either past or current, trapping you into rentals


We complete a Pre-approval for you to see how much you qualify for so that you know what ball park region you would be shopping in.

Due to you having credit issues and NOT being eligible for a commercial bank bond, we go around the credit issue by registering you a Pty Ltd of which you become the 100% shareholder.

We register a Trust for you which we place the Pty Ltd into.  You are a trustee and can nominate other trustees as well and you nominate your beneficiaries.  The funder also becomes a trustee (this secures his position and security of the finance of your private bond)

The property belongs to you and is registered in the name of the Pty of which you are the 100% shareholder so you own both the Pty Ltd and the property and may use the trust to secure your other assets if you would like to, cars, furniture, valuables.

The transfer of the property is done by our own attorneys as they are well trained in this product and speed the process up dramatically.

We have Estate Agents all over the country who are able to assist you in purchasing and the details of the OTP and technical issues of buying.  (It is not a requirement to use them but they are there if you need them)


In a normal purchase you would be required to put up a minimum of 20% of the purchase price as a deposit and in some cases as high as 30%.  We require no deposit to be paid.  That is a massive plus for any home buyer.


These costs we add to the bond amount for you which is also a massive saving to you.


The fees payable are so tiny that it is laughable that a company would go to this extent to assist you and prepare all your documents, guarantee your approval (subject to affordability) and walk you through from rental to ownership but reality is that this is our mandate, our passion and our goal - to get people with affordability into home ownership and out of rental.  To empower the previously disenfranchised (due to credit discrimination).

Pre-approval is at no charge, this is to ascertain how much you qualify for.

On acceptance of your pre-approved amount you will be sent an acceptance letter, once you have accepted the amount you qualify for and the terms and costs, you will be invoiced for your fees.
There are various payment options available to you and we can finance your fees (subject to terms & conditions).

Once your fees are in place we begin the process of registration of your company and trust.
You may NOT sign an offer to purchase in your personal capacity as you will not qualify for a bond in your personal capacity .  

You must wait until we give you the registration docs of your company, you can then purchase your property in the name of the company we have registered for you.  We will not use existing companies as we work on a clean slate basis only. 

In some cases the sellers allow you to occupy before transfer and in other cases not but generally once all the guarantees have been exchanged it is completely safe for your occupancy.


You already own the property and want to release the equity in it but cannot get a loan or bond.  We would apply the same principal as above and you would be the seller and the buyer releasing the cash to yourself.

Bond Problems

You are in arrears with your bond but have equity in the property and now risk losing it.  Switch and we will pay up the bank and release the equity  to you.  Use the equity to stabilise your life and debt.

Secure your Property

You need to secure your property in a place where creditors can’t touch it, this is the way.  Creditors cannot include Trust property in liquidations or attach them from Trusts

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