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IBA... The company that works for you and you and you....

Come to the shop with the best prises. Elderly people can even get groceries on debt. Work will be given to the unemployed, both at the shop and on the farm. We will farming with lamb and cattles. Meat hampers will also be sold at affordable prices. Come to Bokkie'd Cafe were everything cost lest. bargaind everyday and weekends specials.

Bokkies's Cafe... The place to be.

The shop will be owned by Anna Davids and her son Breyton. Her husband is in the South African police Service and will handle the finance. its a family shop thats why everything will be cheap. Electricity and airtime wull also be sold. If you don't have cash, don't worry. A card machine will also be available, IBA stands fir Ivan, Breyton and Anna. the Family Marjet stote. Come and join us on our opening. Watch this site, the newsppers and Radio Overberg, join IVAN, ANNA and BREYTON at there new store and Farm.


Contact details for IBA-ENTERPRISES

Contact:Ivan Davids
Address:6 Lkaey Street

South Africa
Telephone:028 425 1162
Mobile:081 235 4061
Fax:086 615 0198

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