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The following types of businesses are to be runned in the near future   for the better of our lives:


1.Construction        a). Building, (property like shopping complex, mall)

                                 b). Building of roads and bridges

     c). Road maintenance and building renovations.

2.Paving and Tiling


4.Plumbing and Carpentry

5.Electrical work    a). Heavy duty electrification

b). Light duty electrification


6.Communication   a). Telephones,

     b). Internet,

     c). E-mailing,

     d). Faxing,

     e). Photocopier  

       f). Website


7.Catering               a). Catering in functions e.g. wedding, parties                                                           b). Fast food restaurant





12.Mining                  a). Supply of mining equipments

                                          b). Maintenance


13.Accommodation  a). Providing rooms

b). Flats

c). Hotels

d). Lodge, guest house & resorts


14.Fencing services   a). Security gates

b). Palisade fencing

c). Barbed wire fencing


15.Transport Services a). Heavy duty transportation – earth moving, coal, goods 

   b). Light duty transportation –removals, courier ect

   c). Passengers/Commuters transport – move from

        point A to point B.   


16.Cleaning Services a). Cleaning buildings e.g. school, shop, roads and towns.

                                          b). Industrial Cleaning

                                          c). Laundry Services

                                          d). Vehicle Cleaning

                                          e). Site Cleaning


17.Security Services a). Patrolling Officers

                                          b). Onsite Guards

                                          c). Installation of electric devices e.g. CCTV 

                                                d). Radio communication patrol



18.Transport services    a). Touring express( buses, couriers) and

                                                      b). Load driving vehicle (lorry, vans)

19.Dry clean a). cleaning clothes,

b). leathers,

c). seats

20.Stadium – playing athletics, soccer, and sports

21.Motor garage –   a). buying

b). selling

c). repairing

d). filling station



The main purpose is to:


a)Up lifting the community by providing job opportunities for unemployed thus reducing crime, the rate of unemployment and alleviate poverty

b)to improve the standard of living of the people in the region, Province and Nationwide

c)Enhancing ownership and to join the main stream of economic development in South Africa

d)Be a leader and an excellent service provider in South Africa




a. Members who qualifies:


a)South African Citizen

b)Business minded

c)Hard worker and good character

d)Trustworthy and good behavior   



                        MY DREAMS WILL COME TRUE ONE DAY


I have a vision of seeing myself one day owning or running a big company which consists of many job opportunities.


 Today we are facing a large number of the South African citizen and foreigners looking for jobs here in our country. The only problem that I have now is finance to start what is in my mind. Where must I do this? Where am I going to get the money to finance my business? The land is expensive and no money. By building a mall/shopping complex I will be creating job opportunities which will help most of our people.


 The youths of our country are the leaders of tomorrow; it is therefore good for them to engage themselves in the economy of our land. They have to participate in all aspect that is rendered. Most of the youths from rural areas are facing a serious challenge of passing standard ten (grade 12).


After completion of standard ten; they just sit at home lingering around the villages, taking drugs and drinking beers, committing crime, going to urban areas seeking jobs,  teenage pregnancy, affected by pandemic HIV/AIDS  and above commit suicide. All this is happening because of growing up in a family where has no source of income which can enable parents to pay the fees of their children to further their studies. Lack of facilities where the youth can keep themselves busy like cinemas, parks, entertainment and places like sports grounds.  In urban areas there are factories and many private companies which hire people; this is also needed in our rural communities. Things which will drive them out from using drugs and teenage pregnancy.


Participate in community development which is performed all around. The best solution is to keep them busy by taking to tertiary, universities and FET`s colleges and motivating them to read books to be the future leaders. The department of education must ensure that basic education is acquired by the youths of our country. From as far low as GR 3; the government has to see to it that it has the resources for our youth to choose their career as early as possible. Teachers must inform the parents by reporting the progress of the pupils that they are taking care of at school. Giving bursaries to all students who want to go to tertiary and FET`s. This will be a good investment to our country South Africa.        


The government is loosing the future leaders if the youths do not further their studies to be educated or get an employment. What worries the most is the high number of people who are educated having diplomas, degree`s, certificate ect sitting back looking at the government to create jobs. I think it will be very much important for a person like me to be funded and run a company, by so doing I will be creating jobs to my fellow South African sisters and brothers.                 




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Contact:Khalabayi Chauke
Address:Stand 238 Ribungwani Village
South Africa

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