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LED mining lightWelcome to the LED Mining Light,LED Mining Headlight,LED Miner Lamp site

Bestar China Co.,Ltd. supplies Water-proof LED mining light,mining
headlight, LED coal miner light, cordless rechargeable
headlamp,wireless LED miner lamp.
LED mining light uses optimized structure design and special engineering plastics to ensure that the product can withstand powerful impact and collision with extremely durable.

The perfect design is with explosion-proof,Water-proofEasy to use and can be carried in hands or held on strap

Avalible Rated capacity
2AH 2.5AH 3AH 4AH 4.5AH 5AH 6AH

Energy-saving Performance
The LED light source with low energy consumption, high-efficiency, the power consumption is only 20% of incandescent light flux
Breakthrough in the traditional tungsten mercerizing low efficiency defects

Itself Protective Fuction
there is over-release,over-charge and short-circuit protection devices, protect the battery effectively and extend the service life of the light, intelligent charger has short-circuit protection and charging display devices


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Contact:Frank wong

Web page:www.bestar-china.com

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