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Welcome to Let's Talk About Relationships/Self Empowerment

Alley Truter is a qualified Practitioner and has many years experience in Relationships (individual, partners, family, children, career), Self Empowerment, Break-up recovery and Trauma guidance. Alley believes in making affordable sessions available to those who need it.

"Call it guidance, counselling or therapy... just what you will ..... I just say .... LET's TALK!"

It's not only what happens to us, but how we react to it that makes a difference!smiley

*Wishing you had the relationship you want.

*Sick and tired of conflict causing stress and anxietycrying

*No sexual intimacy for day sad

*Why can't he/she just change and do what is important to you....sad

*Are you depressed, lack confidence and in desperate need of Self Empowerment to get out there and live life to the fullest?

*Is the baggage from the past still holding you back?surprise

*Break-up recoverybroken heart

Learn how to better manage, reconcile troublesome differences and repeating patterns of stress in a relationship. Self empowerment forms part of the process and is a very rewarding journey. This means: get motivated, be happy, boost yourself esteem, better health, deal with stress and anxiety, unlock gratitude, overcome fear, exceed your own expectations, attract positive things, think positive and positive things will happen. 

Individual sessions, Couples sessions, group sessions and mediation available on request

Free call out within 4km radius of General Alberts Park, Alberton.
Locations outside radius at an additional fee to be discussed.

Live lfe to the fullest!heart



Contact details for Lets-Talk-Healthy-Relationships

Contact:Alley Truter
General Alberts Park
South Africa

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