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Our Vision

Project Imbokodo, through the campaign, would like to nurture more than 1000 young girls by giving them a gift that will make their journey to womanhood a celebration, but to make this possible they need the generous financial support of corporates and individuals in South Africa.

Menstruation is a natural process that girls and women will go through at some point in their lives. It is disheartening that something as natural as a period can infringe on the basic human rights of girls, women and people with uteruses. The lack of menstrual hygiene products that people face contributes to both their disempowerment and health. For young girls, menstruation is an addition to the heap of gender disparities they have to face in life.

Our aim is to give girls their dignity back and the freedom to live.


Sanitary products are not affordable in South Africa. For example, a pack of 18 Always Maxi Pads costs around R40. Considering how this is a monthly occurrence and many girls and women come from poorer backgrounds, some may end up using anything from rags, tree leaves, old clothes, toilet paper, newspapers, cotton wool, cloths or anything that can stop them from bleeding out.

2. The right to education

The education of girls is a primary focus of development efforts in developing nations because female school achievement is believed to have long-lasting and far-reaching economic effects. This means that girls are more likely to not do as well as they could in school simply because they are menstruating – something that is completely out of their control.

3. Stigma and human dignity

The subject of menstruation is often taboo, and has many negative cultural attitudes associated with it, including the idea that menstruating women and girls are ‘contaminated’, ‘dirty’ and ‘impure’.

4. Health Risks

There are some studies that link poor menstrual hygiene with urinary or reproductive tract infections and other illnesses. There is an impact of poor menstrual hygiene on the psycho-social wellbeing of girls and women, such as increased stress levels and anxiety caused by fear of bleeding out and the inability to an adequate supply of sanitary products. This social anxiety is heightened in a classroom setting and affects learning

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