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Mcintyre floral enterprises is esb:since 1940 used to be Randals floral corner it is a thrid genaration busisness .My granny started the business in 1950 it all started on the Cape town grand parade now know as Trafelga Square.My granny moved from Cape town grand parade in 1960 to stard a small business in Parow Mcintyre Square.My granny and her daughters run the business as a tradeing business which they called it as local business that time because it was outside on the corner of mcintyre in winter days it was very cold but it never kept my grannu from keeping the business running .My granny past on in October 4 1970 after my granny passing my mother Lorraine Ram took over the business and she kept the business running until today.In 2006 Mr Santos bougth over Ok bazaars which was the shop that was tradeing in the center.He offered her a kiosk for her business which was then registed as Randals floral corner my younger brothers name as kids we all had shares in the business a family business.As time whent on the business grew to be very successfull all family members had part of the families fruitfulness it was a great joy haveing part of our grannyies business .In 2012 my mother who was our iodel found out she had cancer it was very hard for her to tell us about her illness she still ran the business we looked up to her as our hero Lorraine Ram after going threw her treatment she was still he self as the hard working Lo la Blondie was her nick name .In 2015 my mother got very ill she was stil Lo la still joking on her sick bed .January 2015 my mom was not able to do anything for her self i as her only daughther of 4 brothers married have 3 kids liveing 100km from her had come stay by her to look after her it was a great joy to be close to her in her time of pain was very sad seeing my mom like that she was a powerfull women and was loved by many people .On the 24 of Febuary my mother was called home to our heavenly father my she Rip .As children we had to take over the business as i was the only sisiter Charmaine Schintzer i took control of the business registed the business under new managment  Mcintyre floral enterprises on the 24/10/2016.Our clientell is mostly our church New Apostolic Western cape and other churches ,weddings threw out the Cape we are wholsale to the public .My staff is about 12 employers male and female.We work as a family business and are very happy working  together share each and others problems that makes us one .You are hardy wellcome to shop by us you will never be dissapointed at Mcintyre floral enterprises.

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Contact:Charmaine schintzer
Address:Mcintyre Square kiosk 1 Parow

Western cape
South Africa

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