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Dimond tyer sealer 

Its a mixture of opticfiber  silicone  rubberconditioner and coolant  that formas a thin layer on the inside of you tyers  because of the opticfiber that sets the moment it get in to contact with heat.  With the coolants in the mixture it cools the tyer of and the conditioner feeds the rubber

What the results are is that it elimenates the change of blow out because of the cooler tyer it expan your tyers life up to 25% with the conditioner that keep on feeding the rubber and keep it moist and you will never have a punture as big as 7mm geranteed for the life of the tyer

This product have been tested in the most severe conditions and is been used in military transport and transport comp that is a huge saving in down time and tyers that is realy working hard 

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Contact:Vickus Van zyl
Address:1139 Ewelme rd
Henley on klip
South Africa

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