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O3 Hydro Spa, Health Bubble Spa, Mat System

The Ozone Hydro Bath Spa turns your bathroom into a health spa. By simply placing the mat into your bath for a powerful Health Enhancing Ozone Therapy. The flow of air bubbles softly massages the body, promoting blood circulation and relieving muscle tension and stress. It can have a beneficial healing and detoxifying effect on the entire body.

The O3 Hydro Spa
Four Therapies in One:
1. Hydro Heat Therapy
2. Aromatherapy
3. Massage Therapy
4. Ozone Therapy

Spa Bath Mat Beneficial Features:

  • Ozone enriched bubbles

  • Option for warm bubbles

  • Multiple timer settings

  • Variable strength control

  • Powerful bubble action

  • Soft air filled mat to cushion your body

Offering more features:-

  • Count Down Timer With Auto Off

  • 3 Speed (Standard Massage)

  • Speed (Program Massage)

  • Heated Bubbles

  • Ozone On/Off

  • Modern Design

  • Wall Mounted or Surface Standing

  • Full Function Water Resistant Remote Control

  • Soft Mat

  • Sold In Germany, Holland, Italy, UK And Now In RSA

  • German Approved Quality Spa At Best Prices

Due to lack of oxygen (O2) that are caused by high levels of air pollution and destroyed forests, we are not getting enough oxygen into our body. We need at least 35% oxygen on our cellular levels to stay healthy and reduce chances of getting cancer, heart attacks and other illnesses to 0. At the moment we are only getting between 12% and 17% of oxygen into our body.

South Africa is among the one of the highest polluted city in the world! Due to Industrial Factories, the cars, bakkies and trucks on the road pumping toxic fumes into our environment.

Cancer have increased to 75% and Hearth atttacks to 127% since 1965! Even babies and children are now getting cancer. Each month approximately 160 children under 14 are diagnosed with cancer.

Other Modern lifestyle contributes to the chance of disease and illness with the following:

  • Stress (shallow Breathing)
  • Lack of exercise – blood circulation
  • Improper diet – lack of oxygen and vitamins
  • Air pollution
  • Preservatives in food
  • Drinking, bathing and swimming in chlorinated water

Now because our air is polluted and we are not getting enough oxygen we will have to seek another solution to save ourselfs and stay healthy.  


O3 which is called Ozone: Webster Directory describes it as Activated Oxygen or Pure Air. Simply put Ozone is Super Charged Oxygen. The O3 Hydro Spa electronically converts molecules of oxygen into three molecules. It is referred to as Activated oxygen, allotropic oxygen or triatomic oxygen.

Being an unstable gas, its life is about 20 minutes, then after completing its job (Killing bacteria, viruses, fungi; Purifying skin, blood, lymph, liver; Oxidising poisons, pollution; Burns fat, excess sugar and so much more) ozone then reverts to oxygen. Ozone therapy has been recognized as the safest and most powerful and versatile therapy known to maintain our well-being.

What does Ozone do?

  • Kills viruses, bacteria, yeast , fungi, worms and protozoa

  • Stimulates immune system

  • Cleans and unclogs arteries and veins

  • Improves circulation

  • Purifies the blood

  • Purifies the lymph

  • Normalizes hormone production

  • Helps enzyme production

  • Reduces inflammation and pain

  • Calms nerves

  • Stops bleeding

  • Prevents shock

  • Prevents stroke damage

  • Reduces cardiac arrhythmia

  • Improves brain function and memory

  • Oxidizes toxins

  • Waste removal from the body

  • Chelate heavy metals in the body

  • Prevents and reverse degenerative diseases

  • Prevents and kills auto immune diseases

  • Stimulates white blood cell production

  • Increases oxygen and haemoglobin disassociation

  • Increases red blood cell membrane dispensability

  • Inhibits the growth of new tumours

  • Oxidizes and degrades toxic petrochemicals

  • Increases natural Interferon

  • Increases body’s tumour necrosis factor which fights cancer and infections

  • Increases anti-oxidant enzyme systems which scavenges free radicals

  • Accelerates the citric acid cycle which releases energy from sugar

  • Stimulates the metabolism

  • Speeds up breakdown of protein, carbohydrates, fats for energy

  • Speeds up healing , regeneration and rejuvenation

  • Natural detoxification

  • Extends the life of cells / anti-ageing

  • Increases endurance and enhances athletic performance

  • Mobilizes the lymphatic system

Source: the Use of Ozone in Medicine – 4th Edition


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