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Family gssgfgf gggg gfff gggg fffffv vHvbvvhjn ggv hhg. Gg yty PERSONAL LIFE Martin is an Assistant Manager at Nedbank. He Studied Management at Damelin. Martin loved working with kids , He was a teacher for Two years and Said it was an awesome Experience to make an impact in students lives , Especially the Students who were Naughty, Which All the teachers had complained about, Martin said when those students came to his Classroom they where different and well behaved. After Teaching for two Years Martin Than Decided its time to move on, Martin Then Entered into the corporate World (banking), Were he started as a Data capturer and he always went the extra mile he said,Martin said he was top achiever for Three years, He was promoted to team leader and now Martin is Assistant Manager. Martin said all I can say to the Audience to the Public Out there is work hard give it your all and stay focused. ASSISTANT MANAGER JOB DESCRIPTION Assistant managers have a lot of responsibility, and this job requires great leadership skills. Whether you’re managing a group of sales people in retail or dishing out orders to servers in a restaurant, you'll need to keep a level head, be able to multitask and have excellent people skills.

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