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Welcome to RemoteXpress

Garage and gate remote control are very common and are widely used throughout the world.Such a remote is very simple by design, usually only one button, and some with morebuttons to control several gates from one control.

Such remotes can be divided into two categories by the encoder type used: fixed code and [[rolling code]]. If you find dip-switches in the remote, it is likely to be fixed code, an older technology which was widely used in the past. However, fixed code has been criticized for its (lack of) security, thus rolling code has been more and more widely used in today's newer installations.

RemoteExpress is an online store which allows customers awide variety gate and garage automation. The full coding of each remote is also made available making this service a great DIY tool.

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Contact:Ashley Goldstein
Address:shop 34, Norwood mall, cnr African and Sarie Marais

South Africa
Telephone:011 483 1896
Mobile:076 920 0851
Fax:011 825 7725

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