WELCOME to Roseview

Welcome to Roseview Primary School


Welcome to Roseview Primary School

You've just taken the first step to ensuring a bright and promising future for your child. At Roseview Primary we offer not only the basics; but a range of extra activities and classes to help your child achieve the heights he should in life.

Our Vision & Ethics

[Welcome To Roseview Primary School Bloemfontein] The legacy of excellence continues to inspire the teachers and staff of Roseview Primary School to maintain the tradition of educating learners to the fullest. We strive to provide our students with a comprehensive program that develops both mind and body, while ensuring a safe and secure environment where everyone can feel a sense of belonging.

We are committed to providing our students with the best possible education to help them develop the skills required to be successful in which ever path through life they might choose. The Bible will be the only criterion to serve any form of worship by the school. Learners and their teachers will at all times refrain from a particular dogma/church regard. Each learner is expected to have high moral and ethical standards of conduct, behavior and language.


Roseview Primary School's vision is:

To provide career opportunities for all through excellence in education.  Every individual is special to the school. The personalities and skills of every learner should be developed to the full.  The school's vision is therefore not only confined to the classroom, but learners should be exposed to situations that prepare them for the challenges of life in general.

The role that parents and other stakeholders fulfil in educating learners is fully acknowledged.  Involvement of parents and other stakeholders in the development of skills and personalities of learners is a priority.

Roseview Primary School believes that the development of language skills, communication skills, mathematical skills and skills in natural science are critically important in the provision of the basic needs of its learners.


Roseview Primary School is committed to work in partnership with the members of the school community to ensure that each student receives the best education possible.  We will do this by:
Meeting the needs of all stakeholders.
Teaching the learners in English so that they may all be able to communicate well.
Valuing Christian values and norms.
Providing the necessary resources to ensure quality education.
Working in teams and being supportive, encouraging and trustworthy.
Preparing our learners to enter the careers of their choice as responsible citizens of society.
Proceeding from our Christian principles, our objective in collaboration with the parents is to materialize the effective and purposeful development of all our learners in order to prepare self-reliant and proficient young people for adulthood.
We hope to achieve these aims in a friendly and open atmosphere.


Sports & Activities

Roseview offers as wide a range of different sports and activities as you can find. Whether your child is more inclined towards the physical or the mental, we'll find the sport or activity that's right for your child's individual needs.



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Contact:Roseview Primary School
Address:Victoria Road
South Africa
Web page:www.education4all.co.za

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