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Welcome to Rusthof Old Age Home

Rusthof is an integral part of Paarl and a very necessary institution for providing a residential facility and care of the aged. It is a community facility situated in Paarl, the heart of the South African Winelands, a very beautiful and attractive part of our country. The sunsets in our part of the country make the mountains change to all shades of pastel colours.

Rusthof faced many challenges in the past, in spite of this the Home has achieved great successes indicating that this community asset which is managed economically, efficiently and effectively is critical to the provision of a dignified aging process of our senior/matured citizens.

It needs to be mentioned that the Home provides residence for the aged as well as the infirm. The latter cohort is irrespective of age.

Rusthof resorts under Paarl Welfare Organisation which was registered as a section 21 company in 1995 with registration number 95/11892/08. It is situated at 24 Bauhinia Street, Klein Nederburg, Paarl, 7646, Western Cape, South Africa. From its registration it can be gleaned that it is a non-profit organisation. It has a stable board with expertise in various fields, representing both male and female. They provide their services voluntarily.

The home is managed by a qualified nursing sister and has a well trained, capable and committed staff compliment. It has accommodation for 104 people as well limited accommodation for ill patients.

It serves the greater Paarl Valley including Paarl, in the Drakenstein municipal area.

Apart from boarding and lodging paid by the residents Rusthof was solely reliant on a subsidy from government for additional funding. After undergoing a strategic planning exercise, the realisation dawned that sustainability of the Home is of paramount importance. From the feedback that we get from the community it is evident that without the home, which plays a vital role in the community, the community will be much the poorer.


To continually review our programs to ensure that they are relevant to the needs of our communities.

To present programs that is relevant to this sector of the population.

To provide a facility that fulfills the needs of the aged and infirm members of the population and to improve their quality of life.

To create hope for our elderly and infirm by espousing values that will assist them to survive the trying times in which we find ourselves.


To be an institution of choice striving to improve the quality of life of aged and infirm persons.


Through effective management, accurately defined work ethic, trained personnel and achievement based control systems, belief in skill, care, loyalty, mutual respect and trust.



Rusthof currently provides residential care facilities for the aged and infirm as well as providing homes based care.

We are in the process of developing a plan and process to expand our services to provide an integrated intergenerational program which contribute to active aging.

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