WELCOME to SA-Feeding-Project

Welcome to SA Feeding Project

The South Africa Cares supplies in the sub-economical parts of the Western Cape regions, where the need for food and support persist. Primary schools are mainly funding themselves, therefore our assistance with various projects, where we’ve got more than 1 900 children whom we help on a daily basis. We get NO ASSISTANCE from the state, and depend entirely on funds from the public.

The position regarding financial assistance from parents is very limited. Approximately 65 % of parents from our communities are partly or fully unemployed, some families live only on welfare support. Statistics show that only 27% of the parents in these schools have a permanent job with liveable salaries. The schools have only a few sponsors therefore we ask the good Samaritans of our world to please find it in your hearts to help us.

We announce with pride that we are successfully busy with various projects. We started our  feeding projects 3 years ago at Newton Primary, Soetendal Primary, and Ligstraal Primary where we feed the children on a daily basis.

We recently begun to reach out to our townships where we see to it that hundreds of people and children get something to eat, drink and clothing. We know that what we do is not much but we really try to reach out to those in need. So please if you can help with tinned foodstuffs, give us a ring and we’ll come and collect it.

Fresh vegetables, fruit, meat, clothing or other donations is more than welcome. We try as far as possible to give meals consisting of protein, carbohydrates and love to satisfy the needs of our children. It cost us about R150 per week, R500 per month to feed a child and R6000 per year.

Contact details for SA-Feeding-Project

Contact:Ada Joubert
Address:1 Malherbe Street

South Africa
Telephone:021 - 873 5303

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