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SBSF-KHUTSO TOMBSTONES is a proud company that provides our clients with only the best quality granite tombstones for their loved ones. We understand that the passing of a loved ones is hard, and there for our prices is low to fit the budgets of our clients, to help them in this hard times.We also offer deliviers to nearby towns in which the the first 15km wiil be FREE of charge and after that you'll pay an additional R16.50 per km. Our products come in different sizes and forms.We can also make the tombstones you want, just bring us a sketch of what you want or photo.We guarantee you the best and no less!!Our customers mean allot to us and thats why we will cary your interests in our hands and provide you with excellent services.From SBSF-KHUTSO TOMBSTONES we thank all our loyal clients for supporting us and wish to see new faces of clients to help in their heartbreaking time of need. 





O.G. Top R2 900
G12 R3 100
Koop en Loop R3 100
V57 R3 300
V1700 R3 700
S1 R4 150
S4 R4 700
V57 Chips R5 300
S3 R5 350
S3 Half Blad R6 700
V125 R7 250
V100 R7 900
V175 Chips R9 050
V700 Casket R2 950
V1400 R14 350
V375 R15 200
V823 R16 500
V800 R16 600
V875 R17 400
V350 R19 600
V450 R20 400
V200 R20 900
V300 R22 100



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Contact details for SBSF-KHUTSO-TOMBSTONES

Contact:Sarie Lombard
Emerald str.
Marble Hall
South Africa
Mobile:072 819 7570
Web page:sbsf-khutso tombstones

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