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Welcome to SellFlo Consulting

 SellFlo Consulting (Pty) Ltd is a specialised Forensic Investigating company whose core focus is to investigate all elements of Fraud, Waste and Abuse within the Healthcare Industry (both Private and Public Sectors)

We specialise in analysing data pertaining to medical aid claims to identify all kinds of irregularities. Based on same, we can quantify and recover all moneys paid erroneously to all specialities of healthcare providers, pharmacies and facilities.

SellFlo Consulting can customize all Clients'requests depending on the nature of the irregularities that are identified and the Clients specific requirements. We work closely with all the Regulators and ensure that all legal parameters are maintained. We have extensive knowledge and experience within the medical administration environment to ensure that our Clients receive the best possible outcome on all forensic investigation requests.

We can offer a Gap Analysis based on the types of Fraud, Waste and Abuse identified from the claims data so that our Clients can prevent further opportunities for the same elements of Fraud to continue thereby projecting further cost savings to the Clients bottom line. 

SellFlo Consulting maintains ownership of all investigation requests from beginning to end and that includes all queries received from either the Council Of Medical Schemes as well as any other relevant Regulator to ensure that the request is resolved in totality.


Contact details for SellFlo-Consulting

Contact:Octavia Selling and Celeste Florence
Address:338 Pretoria Avenue
South Africa
Fax:086 600 5634

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