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We are an arts and culture group based in Manenberg, our goal is to help children do something positive through drama, dancing,singing and even playing musical instruments. The community of Manenberg has been seen as a really negative place filled with poverty and gang violence.We're hoping to give Manenberg a more possitive image instead of the negativity that is being displayed on the news and Television. These children are very talented and we should not let our future generation be influenced by these types of negativity.

The children of Manenberg doesn't have many role models they can look up to, all they are seeing is gangsters fighting or people getting robbed of their hard earned cash, these children see it on a daily basis so in their mind its the right thing todo as it is happening every day in the community, that is why we as the MOD center of Silverstream High took it upon ourselfs to show the younger generation that there is a better life through a common language known as music, loved and adored by all. we'll spread the power of positivity through music one child at the time.


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Contact:Melda Poole
Address:42 Sonderend Rd,
Cape Town
South Africa

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