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Welcome to Southern Africa Shippers  Transport and Logistic Council (SASTALC )website. We are a business membership organization that represents the interests of importers and exporters in Southern and the Central Africa Region. It provides a platform to articulate their concerns and demands to service providers and government regulatory institutions.

The establishment of SASTALCis informed by demand from shippers and logistics providers to harness and consolidate efforts of finding to numerous capacity challenges and in-efficiencies in logistics especially in the ports of entry and exit in the Northern and Central corridors.

The cost of moving goods across borders has become increasingly important since countries can easily price themselves out of global markets due to the high costs of moving goods.

According to recent World Bank Investment Climate Surveys, South Africa compares poorly in several areas of trade facilitation, for example, in the number of days it takes to clear import and export cargo through ports and customs.

The turn-around times for a few days in China. Such differentials raise the cost of doing business in Southern Africa and help to undermine the foreign direct investment in South Africa and competitiveness of South Africa’s exports and manufuctured goods


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