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Why Hire Us

Many homeowners will say that it is hard to find a reliable, professional home repair person. You can trust Splendid Maintenance for home improvement to care for your home. There are many reasons why calling Splendid Maintenanace is the best choice for when anything needs to be done at your home.

Worry-Free Experience

Splendid Maintenance has served customers with quality wokmanship. Maybe it’s because we have a responsive, professional approach to customer service or because we hire quality technicians with an average 10 years’ experience in the field. Maybe it’s because our technicians are accountable to us and to you. Maybe it’s because Splendid Maintenance technicians have a variety of skills for all types of work. We’re the go-to solution for homeowners who need skilled labor and reliability to get things done quickly and correctly.

We’re happy to work with whatever materials you supply – paint that you want to be used, kitchen tile or light bulbs that you have purchased. If there are additional materials needed for your job, there are a couple options:

Have Splendid Maintenance pick up the materials for you for an additional fee.
Our technicians can begin work on your project while you do the shopping for any additional materials needed to complete the job.

Splendid Maintenance supply services like tiling, paving, carpentry, brickwork, plumbing, electrical and project management.

Splendid Maintenance strive to satisfy the client by delivering quality services.

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Contact:Charl Jooste

South Africa
Web page:www.my365.co.za/Splendid-Maintenance

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