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The Rasta Party was formed in 2011 with its vision, mission, and aims geared towards the survival and well-being of the homeless, unemployed and the poor, and the marginalized. By providing people with hope and a plan for a secure future, we believe our country will be transformed. 

With the Rasta Party calling this the year for serious transformation, it is putting specific programs into place with which it needs your urgent and generous suppport. Not only will grass roots socio-economic solutions reduce crime in South Africa, but you will proactively illustrate your commitment to the ethos, philosophy, and principle of Ubuntu (meaning, i am because you are)


Non-Voting Party

The Rasta Party is a caretaker party.  The DA is a caretaker party for the benefactors of Apartheid.  The Rasta Party will be the caretaker party for the Unemployment and homeless.  Its members consists of convicts, members, foreigners and almost everyone.  The Rasta Party believes the ANC will rule for another 100 years, therefore its members votes will be aligned with A.N.C.  We will show the realistic change in this country and caretakers of Apartheid will be brought out in the open and dealt with accordingly.

Voice of the Unemployed

The Party will act as a union for the unemployed.  At the moment workers have unions, what do the unemployed have? It will give hope to the unemployed by its vision of the future.

Merge the Rich and Poor

We feel rich are mainly benefactors of Apartheid; they also feel the unemployed and homeless are sufferers of apartheid.  The Rasta Party will test power of money against the power of the people.  (Amandla).  The party feels this country will have to make up 40 years 20 years, a task the Rasta Party is bent on achieving.

Non-Racial Party

The Party is a non-racial party but will fight against racism, be it black or white.  The party feels the problem our country is facing is the benefactor of Apartheid; history says they are ONLY WHITES.

Voice of the Homeless and destitute

The party will bring the homeless and destitute to the forefront and show the benefactors what they created.  What they enjoy is a loss to another human being.  The Rasta Party will empower the homeless and destitute in its structure.


Stop Apartheid

The party feels after seventeen years of democracy blacks are still service providers for the whites.  NO EASY ROAD TO FREEDOM is showing us the reality now.  The party believe huge under-privileged communities are trapped by Apartheid.  The Party will extricate these communities from this silent killer.  There is a fair level of discrimination in our sports, smiling at us.  We will stop this.


Legalize this

The Rasta Party feels the herb was used as a tool to oppress people. Money does not have the right to find a product of nature illegal, just as there are medical alternatives.  It’s like stopping a river from flowing.  The party feels that Zol is capable of over powering government.  The Rasta party will put it to the test here against white supremacy.  The party believes that once our constitutional court mature enough to listen to us.



The party believes that the group areas act influences housing in this country.  It built communities to suffer and communities to prosper.  The Rasta party will activate motions to displace this.  The party does not believe in the term ‘’low cost housing’’.  Who chooses who lives where and who should live in ‘’low cost housing?  In our local municipality there is 460 000 shortages in houses.  These people are not I jail so where are they living now.


Job Creation

The Rasta Party believes job creation is only a word now.  To put the word into action the party will acquire land and start building houses, and this will kill many birds with one stone.  The party will build cities of 5000 houses a time.  This will dissolve the high cost of housing enjoyed by the benefactors of apartheid.


Leadership opportunities


Empower yourself with the Rasta Party to become a renowned Leader.  This is attainable at the following levels:

Street Level
Area specific leadership (reference to previously demarcated areas such as Units and Sections depending on the relative area concerned. Eg: Chatsworth would comprise Units that identifies an area and Umlazi) I would comprise sections for the same purpose respectively. 
Township settlement Leaders.
Circuit Leaders
Provincial Leaders.

The above portfolios may be applied for using our link on the Rasta Party website.

Normal membership is offered at no cost and is very comprehensive on our Home page on the website.  Please follow the prompts as per the website requirements. 

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Message from Krish on May 16, 2016, 6:23 pm
He Fellow Rastas! please be informed that we have our own face book page entitled Rasta Dudhraj. Visit our facebook page and like us or leave a comment. Regards Mr Krish Dudhraj
Message from Krish on May 16, 2016, 6:21 pm
The Rasta Party now supports environmentally friendly products. Visit our virtual shopping mall to view our products and services
Message from Krish on May 14, 2016, 4:35 pm
We apologize for the site being temporarily out of order. General web maintenance was being processed. Continue to send us your views, opinions and comments
Message from Minenhle on May 10, 2016, 6:51 am
I\'m minenhle a yOung teenaer who has been troubled by thought of how the world has become a disaster but sInce I heard about The rasta party I believed that in order foR birds to fly they learn from the I for one wish to be a ra
Message from Krish on May 7, 2016, 7:49 am
The Rasta Party welcomes all comments and opinions on the Economic Freedom insert. We value your opinion
Message from Krish on May 6, 2016, 10:11 pm
Kindly forward all comments and opinions related to the Rasta Party on the web chat. Click on the chat icon and submit your messages
Message from Krish on May 6, 2016, 10:06 pm
rasta party follower
Message from Krish on May 4, 2016, 3:49 pm
Hi and wellcome to the Rasta Party



When good men choose to remain silent, evil will prosper. So says the leader of the Rasta Party, Krish Dudhraj.  A man who was expelled from school because of the Apartheid education system.  A man who knows South Africa inside out, a man who can smile and go to prison.  A man who kept Shabir Shaik alive.  A man who shared a packet of marie-biscuits with the late Cyril Beeka.  A man who smoked marijuana on Robbin Island.  A man who realised the conspiracy against President Jacob Zuma.  A man who only knows the truth.  A man who chased money from his life. A man who regards himself as the most connected person in South Africa.  A man who knows the real meaning of ‘’umshini wami’’. A man who didn’t read a book, yet wrote a book in 2011, called ‘’My Friend and My country’’.  There are a thousand other things this man experienced in South Africa, he will use this wisdom by calling truth to South Africa.  Only Truth can emancipate South Africa. A man who achieved all his goals in life.

This man just launched #EconomicFreedom2016 in South Africa.  The shot has been fired  and there is no stopping.  The poor, homeless and unemployed had no voice in South Africa, well now you have one in respect to the Rasta Party.  #EconomicFreedom2016 in South Africa.  The shot has been fired and there is no stopping.  #EconomicFreedom2016 will sort out many problems South Africa faces.  To find out more and get involved, convince a journalist to interview its president.

To name a few….

It will stabilise the Rand and bring it to compete with the dollar and other currencies.
It will erase all forms of racism in South Africa.  To wipe out apartheid we must wipe out racism.
It will wipe out any form of crime related to economic inequality in South Africa. South Africa will become peaceful.
It will allow all race groups to participate.  We will be able to see the one vision for all that we always talked about.
 It will bring the poor, homeless and unemployed back into the economy.  They are the number one PRIORITY of #Economic freedom 2016.
It will reduce economic inequality by a considerable amount.  The President mentioned this first thing this year.
These are some of the things it promises.
It will allow everyone in South Africa to live in a proper house.
It will re-educate everyone in South Africa.
It will give all South Africans a chance to live a fulfilled life.
And the benefits of this movement will contribute to the upliftment of South Africa at large.


On many occasions the leader of the Rasta Party had the opportunity to meet President Jacob Zuma.  He even used the President’s car to go fishing.  Aside from that, the leader of the Rasta Party, Krish Dudhraj said to Mr Shaik that he will only meet him when he becomes President.  Now the time has come.  He has an important role to play. He promised he will look after the poor people that time has come.  He must also promise the investors stability in our country for the next 20 years.  This will be an important 20 years.  He must also use his influence to help achieve this R200 billion we are looking for. I’m not saying we don’t have backup, but I would rather have it come from not saying we don’t have back-up. But it will rather come from him. “AMANDLA’’


If you are poor, homeless or unemployed in South Africa, here is your chance to change your life forever.  Pay attention to this move called #ECONOMICFREEDOM2016 and share it with your brothers and sisters.  Peace is our number one aim, so if you are interested, come with peace and we can all share it.  As you sit in your roads find yourself a leader.  Its not difficult to lead a road.  Once you’ll have your road leaders step forward and elect district leaders then areas and up to provincial level.  You don’t need money to do the first steps.  These leaders must be long standing members of those communities.  These leaders must have an understanding where we come from.  We will bring back truth to South Africa, End of stories. ‘’AMANDLA’’



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