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Do you want to create your own company but don’t have time to deal with the paperwork? No worries, we can do it for you!

 We have 3 types of packages that clients can choose from:




 1. (PTY) LTD registered in 5 days 

 2. Tax certificate 

 3. Tax clearance certificate 

 4. Shareholder certificate 

 5. Logo 

 6. Business Profile 

 7. Business Plan 

 8. Accounting services 

 9. Submit business documents to funders 


 NPO/ NGO PACKAGE includes 


 1. NPO/ NGO registered in 90 days 

 2. Directors contract 

 3. Logo 

 4. Constitution 

5.Accounting services 

 6. Submit relevent documents to donors 




 1. Coorperative registered in 30 days 

 2. Tax certificate 

 3. Tax clearancecertificate 

 4. Directors certificate 

 5. Constitution 

 6. Business Profile 

 7. Business Plan 

 8. Accounting services 

 9. Submit business documents to funders





 Most government departments offer funding as a grant to entrepreneurs to kick start their businesses, although this may not be large amounts of capital, but they assist in kick starting a clients entrepreneurship journey.

 There are other government departments that offer large sums of capital as a start-up capital, but they give this sums to entrepreneurs in a form of a loan and must be repaid within 5 years after the funds are given to the entrepreneurs. 

 Entrepreneurs can get funding from as little as R10 000 up to R20 000 000 from the government departments we submit our clients business plans to. 



 Entrepreneurs can only get funding in a form of a loan that must be repaid within a period of 5 - 10 years, business bank loans are generally very expensive because they charge large sums of interest and you must have collateral in order to qualify for a bank business loan. 

 Depending on a type of business an entrepreneur decides to start banks can offer loans from as little as R1000 up to R100 000 000 and sometimes even more than that. 



 This is funding secured from private individuals that want to fund start ups across Africa, most of this investors want to start businesses in Africa, but are not able to because of the complex business laws in Africa and a lot of red tapes associated with starting a business in Africa so, they look for entrepreneurs across Africa to help them start their businesses, they offer entrepreneurs capital to kick start businesses as well as mentorship on how to run and grow a business and in return they want equity from the business that they are investing into. 

 We have over 15 000 private investors are looking for entrepreneurs they can partner with. Most of private investors will invest between R10 000 up to R5 000 000. 

 This type of funders are generally ideal because you as an entrepreneurs don't have to worry about paying back loans at the end of the month, all you worry about is making your business succesful and also get an experience partner to help you through the journey of entrepreneurship.




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Contact:Mpho Motla
Address:100 napier street

South Africa
Web page:www.tippyconsult.co.za

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