Uitenhage High 50TH Anniversary

WELCOME to Uitenhage-High-50TH-Anniversary

Welcome to the 50TH Anniversary of Üitenhage High , 2014



It is that institution, one of it's kind, called UITENHAGE HIGH, which has, since opening its doors in 1964, stood out as the epicentre of total education and as guardian to all stake-holders -- pupils, parents and teachers --- the community.

Transcending into a new political order,we need to take stock of ourselves, our failures, our successes, our achievements, our goals, our everything, for we have reached a period of transformation --- a period we all envisaged as a period free from oppression, racism, hatred, exploitation, corruption and social decay. We are faced with a period in which we have to transorm our attitudes, our minds, our whole personal, inner make-up, so as to adapt to new circumstances. We now have to be all the more vigilant, observant, tolerant and alert, for we are faced with new challenges not only within the school confines, but beyond that as well.

What we need to remember is that we have an added  responsibility of taking charge of those children who have been entrusted into oour care, and to provide them with the best education we are capable of producing --- quality education, of which an essential dimension  is the cultivation of strong moral values which will enable our charges to utilize their knowledge in a way that will bbenefit their fellow human beings and promote social progress.

This we can only achieve with true, honest commitment and deduction. In this way will we retain that position of Uitenhage High, for which it became known --- serving the community --- all the people --- mankind.



"Our vision is to be an educational

institution of optimal performance

playing a meaningful role in society."


We are committed to:

Acknowledge and comply with the democratic values enshrined in the South African Constitution;
Nuturing and promoting a culture of quality and autonomous learning;
Encouraging collective and individual development: mental, physical and spiritual;
Providing a climate conducive to imaginative and innnovative involvement at all levels of decision-making;
Creating a friendly, safe and courteous atmosphere, in which the needs and expectations of the individual learner are put first;
Education for life, addressing and involving ourselves in the challenges facing society;
Encouraging and creating opportunities for all adults working in the school to expand the range of their professional abilities;
Rendering those services needed to support the learners educational experiences now and in the future.





















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Contact:Angelo Peters
Address:06 Bloekomboom Road
Thomas Gamble Ville
South Africa

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