WELCOME to VWGolfJetta-Management-Club

Welcome to VWGolfJetta Management System

The VWGolf/Jetta Management Club was primarily established to keep the Legend alive and running.This Management System entails the following vital motoring benefits: 1.Basic Engine Maintenance 2.Annual License Renewal 3.Operational Support (Battery/Alternator/Starter) The Mutual Supportive System(MSS)forms an integral part of the VW Management Program and is based on the term "Altruism" defined as the selfless concern for the wellbeing of your fellow driver.Thus promoting the mind set to assist drivers alongside the road with a breakdown.

Contact details for VWGolfJetta-Management-Club

Contact:Henry Snyders
Address:PO Box 21283, Valhalla.

South Africa
Mobile:083 532 4629
Web page:www.vwgolfjetta-club.co.za

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