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Yoga has grown enormously recently in our modern world. It is a great method to remain fit, relieve stress and enhance mindfulness all at the same time. With the growing popularity of yoga, the yoga accessories industry has also flourished. Giving rise to fashion forward and premium products for the savvy yogini. The most essential accessory you will need to get started is a yoga mat. These are specially fabricated mats to assist you while performing your asanas and to prevent you from skidding or slipping. In previous years there were only cheap/boring solid mats… today with new technology, other various materials are available to give you more support and cushioning. Selecting the best yoga mat take some time and research. We have come up with a short list to assist you in your search process.

Yoga Mat Towels

A few things to consider while selecting your yoga mat are. Keep reading…

1. Thickness

The thickness of your yoga mat is a key factor to comfort. If your mat is too thin it may cause discomfort to your knee in certain asanas. You may prefer a premium yoga mat that is 1/4 inch thick OR if you are planning on traveling you may prefer to pack a grippy yoga towel instead, they weigh nothing and can double up as your travel towel.

2. Material

Before purchasing a yoga mat, make sure the material is both eco-friendly and grippy. Natural rubber is a popular choice among environmentally conscious yogis, but for people who are sensitive to latex, rubber mats can be problematic, so make sure your yoga mat is latex and chemical free. Some Eco mats may be biodegradable however these mats do not usually do well with a lot of usage and may need to be replaced frequently. 

3. Texture
The texture of your yoga mat influences how much slipping and sliding goes on during your practice. Texture comes in both man-made as well as natural materials. PVC yoga mats have a softer feel whereas the yoga mats made up of Jute have a natural rough surface that might irritate those with sensitive skin. There are also yoga mat with microfiber materials, these mats are more ideal for sweaty practices and need to be wet down prior to use. For a basic Asana practice you can use Eco friendly PC mats but make sure they are latex and chemical free to prevent skin allergies.
Grip-The last thing you want to worry about during your asanas is slipping and sliding on your new mat. Some yoga mats fail to provide a strong grip when they are wet. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you do, Instead consider a fun printed yoga towel place on top of your mat. Avoid mats that are too sticky they may prevent transition during position changes.

4. Affordability
Yoga mats come in large price range. It is true when they say you get what you pay for. Deciding a budget will make the selection easier as you will have a basic idea of which mats come within your price range. Eco-friendly and branded mats are usually in the higher price range, as well as as closed end high tech mats. You should opt for a higher end mat if you plan to keep it in the long run. It’s definitely worth paying a little extra to find a yoga mat that suits all your needs. 
Today with all the mats available in the market you can find not only textures but designs that fit your style and personality.  A blank mat will do, but that would bore you to tears. Don’t cry. Choose a printed yoga mat with graphics that inspire you. They’re printed with a process that will not fade with use or sweat and designs range from the geometric shapes for the new age hipster to soft spiritual graphics.


5. Easy to Carry
Carrying a heavy yoga mat around is a straight out pain in the butt!
You should choose something which is lightweight & comfortable as well as easy to carry and store.  There are some mats available for travelers and those that transport their own mats from studio to studio. If you intend on using your own mat make sure it doesn’t weigh more than four pounds.,You also need some way to transport your mat. Some people can roll it up and tuck under their arm when they get out of their car. But many people walk or bicycle to their practice so they need a way to transport their mat so grab a bag or yoga mat strap.

6. Size

Yoga mats range in length from 60" to 75"  The bigger mats are generally more comfortable as compared to shorter mats however they can be heavy and bulky. The standard yoga mat size is 24”x72” which should work perfectly for most yogis.

In conclusion. 
Take time when selecting your mat. Yoga is an individual journey. With such a large variety of options for yoga mats choose one that works for you. Some of there expensive mats may be worth the investment. Some have better grip, and may last longer, Others may have prints and designs that will help you focus and add joy to your daily practice.

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