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Yoga Mats that will inspire your practice


It’s time to get rid of the stained, shredded, stinky old yoga mat that you bought a decade ago. Consider investing in a mat that caters to your practice. Upgrade to a comfy, grippy and eco-friendly Yoga mat. No longer are you restricted to the boring old monotone mats your parents were limited to. Check out for over 20 unique prints that might be perfect to express your personality and help you focus during practice!



COOL YOGA MAT BAGS AND STRAPS - Generally, you need some way to transport your mat. Some people can roll it up and tuck under their arm when they get out of their car. But many people walk or bicycle to their practice so they need a way to transport their mat. A yoga bag or strap is needed, and one needs a bit of style. VAGABOND-GOODS provides a great selection of fashionable and high quality options to lug your mat around.


Non-slip Yoga towels- When the body is heated and flowing there is nothing more distracting and annoying than slipping around and trying not to face plant on your yoga mat during class. Nosweat! Yoga towels make for a stress and slip free practice. Check out Vagabond-goods towels for a design thats as original as you!


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