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ABEFX is a software program that operates on the FOREX market taking automated buying and selling decisions; it operates automatically without the need of any human intervention . The Abefx robot requires a “MetaTrader4” trading platform which is freely available from a wide selection of FOREX brokers . Before installing Abefx on your computer and commencing trading on a real account, please read this carefully—your future profits could depend on it.

1 .  We strongly recommend that you operate a demo account before trading with real money . This will help you become familiar with the way Abefx operates before you commit genuine funds to a real money account .

2 .Please be extremely careful when determining trading volumes and setting automatic risk management parameters! 

3  If you suspect that Abefx is operating incorrectly, please stop trading and contact us immediately at 


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Contact:Sunday shongwe

South Africa

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