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Welcome to the home page of our company a BBBEEE electrical services company,Badira ka Natla Electrical works.

The company was established in Dec 2016 by Mohau Selebatso. The company aims at bringing electrical quality products and services at reasonable prices.



Electrical energy is a cornerstone of life, there will be a continuous need for products and services to harness its use. Badira Ka Natla will strive to serve the best-in-class service.



Badira Ka Natla electrical is committed to providing the highest quality electrical products/service’s competitively priced, with service’s exceeding customer expectations.

Contact details for Badirakanatla

Contact:Mohau Selebatso
Address:1197 block gg
Pretoria South africa
South Africa
Telephone:076 519 5576
Mobile:076 519 5576

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