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Three Smarter Tips for Jinshanling Great Wall Tour

With Beijing tour is becoming more and more popular in the modern days, there are more and more coming to this capital city to challenge Great Wall hiking. As we all know, Chinese Great Wall buildings are the symbol of Chinese culture and history. Appreciating them, you would feel the real tastes of Chinese culture. In Beijing, there are many Great Wall sections including Badaling Great Wall, Juyongguan Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall, Simatai Great Wall and Jiankou Great Wall, etc. There are many differences between them and each of them has their own features and appearances, such as the Mutianyu Great Wall which is the most beautiful section. Badaling Great Wall is the best preserved section. Juyongguan Great Wall played a very important role as a pass in the Chinese ancient times.

Jinshanling Great Wall Tour

Among these Great Wall sections, Jinshanling Great Wall tour seized the first with original features and wild appearance. Every day, there will be thousands of groups exploring it. With profound history and deep cultural connotation, Jinshanling Great Wall has become a must-appreciate section in the tourists, especially for the foreigners. Located far away from Beijing center, Jinshanling Great Wall hiking become a very meaningful sport. It is very suitable for hiking and climbing. Because this section is built on the magnificent Jinshan Mountains, it gets the name of Jinshanling Great Wall. How to be a smarter Jinshanling Great Wall travel visitor, three tips you should follow.

1. Jinshanling Great Wall is the only one section which is suitable for camp overnight. If you are on your Jinshanling Great Wall tour, it is better to stay for a night. Because staying here, you could appreciate the charming sunset phenomenon. Apart from this, night view in Jinshanling section is also very attractive.

2. Taking the pictures dressing Tang Dynasty clothes in Jinshanling. Having fun in Jinshanling is the idea of everyone. There are many fan things to do in Jinshanling Great Wall. Dressing the Tang Dynasty clothes to take a picture is a very wonderful thing. Doing like this, you could get a close to Chinese culture and its background, to be a real Chinese man.

3. Climbing the wall is forbidden. If you took your kinds to explore this section, climbing is forbidden. Because some locations here are very steep, in order to have a comfortable and safe holiday, you should take care of your children.



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