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Can you work a crowd with just ‘two turntables and a microphone?’* Have you ever ‘saved anyone’s life from a broken heart?’** Has anyone ever come up to you whilst you’re playing music out of a speaker and said: “I just want to rock, because you’re making me feel alright!”*** If so, you may well have all the necessary skills to become a professional DJ.

Essentially, a DJ works in the music industry, playing at clubs, at festivals and on the radio, playing out music that may or may not be theirs, to promote dancing and having a good time. They operate across many genres, although most commonly in the Dance and Hip-Hop fields, but key to the profession is the selection of tracks that please the crowds and the ability to ‘mix’ – which is to play two tracks seamlessly into one another to provide gapless music.

This skill is very much earned through hard graft and the tricks of the trade involve a variety of skills with music. An in-depth knowledge of your genre is vital, as is being able to vary your style for different audiences. The life of a DJ is one which many envy, but there are a lot of people trying to make it and a lot of people to please, so to hit the heights you need passion, determination and a work-ethic that is second to none.

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Contact:James bingi
Address:1 ryk street
kings Road
south africa
South Africa

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