WELCOME to doubleyourRand

Welcome to DoubleyourRand

Dear member. We require that each member understands that R500 gets you R1000, R1000 gets you R2000 and so on. The rules are very simple. Email us the amount you want to put in and you\\\\\\\'ll be emailed back with the details of a member ready to be paid. You can withdraw at anytime. Referral bonus is 15% of the initial invested amount by your downliner and can be withdrawn as soon as your referral has paid. Should you wish to withdraw you can email our support at anytime as we work 24 hrs even weekends. We will also be having competitions beginning on the 1st of May. We use e-mail because its secure and safe. Email us at R500. R1000 in 3 weeks R1000. R2000 R2000. R3000 R4000. R8000 Please note: YOU Can only invest for 3 weeks and not longer.

Contact details for DoubleyourRand

Contact:Sphiwe Mnguni
Address:129 maple road

South Africa

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