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Welcome to ekko online.

We are happy to be online hosted on such a magnificent domain name: ok.ke. It is a mirror name of ekko kama hukunotice.

This is a social movement that aims to bring Kenyans together to take charge of the future and prepare for the last world war.

Sign up with your phone number, email address, or ID number then download our Android app to easily connect with the people you know.

ekko social is primarily an application that enables you to interact with your device and with the outside world. Unlike most social platforms of today, ekko social prioritizes the private thoughts and reaction patterns of users while sharing and ranking content.

Ekko is available in two flavors:

    + ekko classic

    + ekko modern

ekko classic is a stripped down international version of the ekko modern. ekko modern is available for Kenyans with ID cards only.

At the moment, we are putting the biggest pieces of the engine together. We will have an update soon.

Contact details for Ekko-social

Contact:Kipkoech arap Asis
Address:Endo River
Kerio Valley

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