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[mainpic4_copy] Polished concrete is a unique process that produces a finish similar to polished stone. It incorporates proprietary hardening and sealing agents, application tools and a multi-stage grinding and polishing process to reveal the inherent character of structural concrete slabs and topping coats. Finishes can reveal the aggregate or bring a mirror like shine to steel-trowelled slabs.

Polished concrete floors are used in such diverse applications as hotels, restaurants, automotive showrooms, high-end retail spaces, light industrial spaces, offices, art galleries, grocery stores, warehouses, distribution depots and many more. Polished concrete is also increasingly used in high-end residential applications – either as a substitute for natural stone or as a preferred material in a modern, environmentally sensitive home.

As well as looking good, a floor needs to be functional too. Not only are polished concrete floors beautiful to look at – they offer a host of other benefits too.
Low maintenance – A polished concrete surface rarely needs sealing and requires minimal maintenance to keep it looking like new. The hard, non-penetrable surface makes cleaning simple and, in most cases, soap and water or a very mild detergent is all that’s required to maintain the floor’s luster. The glossy surfaces resists staining from oil and chemical spills.
Durable – Polished concrete floors offer durability and longevity that other flooring products cannot match.
Safe – A polished concrete floor gives you a better and safer work environment. It’s extremely slip-proof even when wet. Polished concrete surfaces inhibit the growth of surface mold and microbes, easily meeting the stringent sanitation requirements of restaurants, laboratories, hospitals and schools.

Concrete is composed of pure, natural materials. The coatings that are often applied to concrete have an adverse effect on the environment. With polished concrete a coating is not normally required. Polishing produces an extremely dense, abrasion-resistant surface that will last a lifetime with proper care. Carpet, tile and even wood floors eventually need replacement, which uses up resources and creates disposal problems. Another green advantage: Polished floors are highly reflective and can save energy by reducing artificial lighting requirements.

Polished concrete floor surfaces retain the cool, tactile qualities of natural stone while giving the user a durable floor surface designed for ease and convenience. The impregnating sealer protects, hardens and densifies the concrete.

Different finishing levels expand the design possibilities even further: polished, honed (matte) and textured. In addition to adding colour with dyes and integral pigments, you can use the polishing process to reveal coloured aggregate and other decorative objects.

Not only are polished floors easy to clean, requiring only occasional damp mopping, they hold up well under forklift and foot traffic. The glossy surface also eliminates the need for waxes or coatings while resisting stains.

Art of Concrete Floors assists with the restoration and maintenance of existing granite, marble and Terrazzo floors, stain couloured floors, grinding and polishing of floors, epoxy floors and maintanace on floors.

Incorporating a polished concrete floor into a home or commercial space is an investment that will deliver returns for years to come.

* Smoothing uneven concrete surfaces
* Removal of paint or epoxy coatings
* Removal of grease, oil or solvent stains
* Provide a light textured surface to existing concrete floors.


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