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Welcome to Big Bright Brains!


Big Bright Brains offers a variety of services and programmes to help learners to reach their full potential. The following services are offered:

* School Readiness Programmes - We use a School Readiness Programme called the Basic Concepts Programme, developed by Dr Louis Benjamin (PhD) in 2002. This programme focuses on the basic concepts that each Grade R learner must integrate to lay a solid foundation for formal schooling in Grade 1. It also helps learners to progress from the concrete thinking of pre-school to the more logical and reflective thought required for formal learning. This programme is offered in small groups for optimal development, and also does wonders to boost self confidence and improve social skills. 


*Learners with learning difficulties - A programme called Integrated Learning Therapy (ILT), developed by Educational Psychologist Dr Shirley Kokot,  is used to address any barrier to learning. This includes ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Autism, Auditory Processing Problems, Sensory Integration Issues, etc. The focus of this programme is on Neuro-development and the brain's ability to learn. ILT pinpoints the possible causes of problems and helps to overcome them with a remedial movement programme to rewire the brain for optimal learning. Have a look at


*Exam preparations and study groups - This is offered for learners aged Grade 4 - 7 . This helps learners to learn basic exam preparation skills and offers a small group learning environment where the work that needs to be studied can be reviewed, discussed and consolidated. This also helps to prepare learners for the greater academic demands they will face in High School.


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Contact:Deerdre Gouws
Address:181 Sunbird Drive
South Africa

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