WELCOME to Dr-X-Revival-Ministries

Welcome to Dr X Revival Ministries

About Us

Dr X Revival Ministries is prophetic ministry was founded December 2016 in Johannesburg

Doornfontein South Africa. It was formally launced 18 March 2017. The ministry believes in Evangelism and this is being done via Bay TV 260 every Suday and through outreaches which are carried out occasionally through out the country.

The ministry believe in deliverance and praying for the sick. People are coming out of hospital sick and they come to

this ministry they are receiving healing in the name of Jesus. The ministry is growing everyday. Always have overflow each time they have a service. Services are available evey Sunday and Thursday.


Contact details for Dr-X-Revival-Ministries

Contact:Sagweni Or Sizwe
Address:68 Sivewright Avenue. New Doornfontein

South Africa
Telephone:073 133 1320
Mobile:076 190 4986

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