WELCOME to Kute-Kritters

Welcome to Kute Kritters

Kute Kritters is all about cutesy, friendly, and humorous, but in a very pet-focused way (they laugh about cute animals doing cute things rather than about outright jokes).

Kute Kritters wants to do some advertising to encourage purchases of their latest Mixed Pets box, which contains a Three Puppy Moon T-shirt, a “Haters gonna hate, cats don’t take the bait” mug, and a large, delicious chocolate treat in the shape of a pony along with training treats for cats.

The brand you will be working with for this assignment is called Kute Kritters. Kute Kritters is an online-only subscription service that sends out monthly boxes containing various items that would appeal to people who love cute, fuzzy animals – for example, a T-shirt and mug with a kitten on them and a stuffed toy.

Kute Kritters targets women from 18-40 who are in a high income bracket (LSM 7 and up) and are generally somewhat educated (more than a high school diploma) and live in urban or suburban areas of South Africa. These women love animals, invest a lot of time or money into animal welfare, own at least one pet of their own (or want to), and follow a lot of animal meme pages on Facebook/Twitter. They enjoy Kute Kritters as a brand that helps them show other people how much they adore “furbabies”.



For this assignment, you will be working with a fictional brand. The task needs to be completed on Google AdWords.

If you do not already have an AdWords account, you can create one quickly and easily:

  1. Go to the AdWords home page, and choose to sign up. Fill in your Gmail address (you will need to create one if you don’t already have one) and a FAKE website address.
  2. Skip through the following screens – it will ask you to set up an ad campaign. You can ignore everything except “budget”, where you can fill in a low amount like R10 per day, “keywords”, where you can fill in random keywords, and “Bid”, where you can enter a low amount like R1 per bid.
  3. You will need to write an ad, but again, you can fill in gibberish just to get past this screen.
  4. Finally, you will reach the payment screen. Make the following changes:
  1. Under “How you pay”, choose “manual payments
  2. Under “Payment method”, select “money transfer
  3. You will reach a page with payment details for Google. You can ignore this and click “complete” or the X at the top right of this window.
  4. That’s it! You’ve created a free AdWords account and will not be charged.

Contact details for Kute-Kritters

Contact:Michelle Steenkamp

South Africa

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