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When you decide to go for liposuction surgery, the most important and initial step is to choose the best surgeon. Though we always say cosmetic surgeries are safe as compared to 10 years back comparing the technologies used still, surgeries can be risky if your surgeon fails to provide a proper care. When you forage for liposuction surgeon, make sure he is a board certified from a prominent surgery cosmetic board. Check his qualifications, experience in the field and how many surgeries he is already doing. You can also inquire for the before and after pictures that will clear your doubt. In Delhi, it is a very tough competition among the top class surgeons. Dr Vivek Kumar is one such Liposuction surgeon in Delhi with board certified and who is a senior cosmetic consultant in Sir Gangaram Hospital, one of the most reputed hospitals in Delhi. He handles more than hundreds of liposuction cases every year. His determination and knowledge has made him one of the famous surgeons. Visit and consult him for more information and get confident with the surgery.

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Contact:Dr. Vivek Kumar
Address:SCULPT Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic
A-305, Defence Colony
New Delhi

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