Maluleke Electronics - Accredited Dstv Installer

WELCOME to Maluleke-Electronics-ET

Welcome to Maluleke Electronics Accredited DSTV Installer

We do dstv installation at a low price that suit every customer. our service is of the best quality and we do one day 
service on waiting period....... We also repair electronics equepment our people are ready to take care of our customers with us our in good hand you will nerve feel sorry to vist our shop. come one come all your welcome at Maluleke Elctronics


Contact details for Maluleke-Electronics-ET

Contact:Miyelani Maluleke
Address:House 333 section D1
Giyani ( Limpopo )
Limpopo ( Giyani )
South Africa
Web page:www.maluleke electronics

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