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Our Services Include:

  • Installation, Repair and Preventative Maintenance with Tune-ups
  • We Service and replace all major brands makes and models
  • Indoor Air Quality Products and service
  • Free Estimates for New Equipment Installations
  • Repair of domestic and industrial fridges
  • Regas of fridges and aircons

What to expect from Penguin Cooling Solutions:

Our Mission- We are committed to providing unsurpassed customer service to our clients, defined by working closely in order to conceive unique solutions and understanding. Penguin Cooling Solutions is a genuine full service air conditioning company that only focuses on exactly that and not implement plumbing or other affiliate companies taking away from the focus on demand and professionalism that today's many companies fail to have. To that end, we have persistently pursued innovation and refused to accept the limitations of existing models.


Have your air conditioning system installation or repair done right!

Improper installation of air conditioning systems is the leading cause for most equipment failure,poor duct work seal, unleveled install, improper wiring and breakers, missing traps, overcharged freon and the list goes on.

The air conditioning system, surprisingly is the least thought of, but is truly the hardest working and one of the most expensive component in the home, consuming over 50% of the electric bill and not to mention the quality of air that you and your family breathes.

Penguin Cooling Solutions will not take short cuts or nickel and dime our customers. Choose Penguin Cooling Solutions and invest in a comfort system that will last you for many years to come.

Our estimates includes it all. We get the job done right!



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Contact:Jarred Van Rensburg

South Africa

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